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Motel Majolka

since 1987

Motel Majolka

In the beginning, it was a gravel pit. “Šoder jama”, they told her, with water, stones, rubbish in it

And the decision fell. Friderik Bračič, known as a car electrician from Ptuj Tehnoservis, imagined that it would be wise to go on his own…

He began to plan his vision of the future right here, seeing an opportunity for his work near the then highway. So he and his wife Juliana decided to start building a car electrician’s workshop on the outskirts of Haloz along the main road Maribor – Gruškovje, a 10-minute drive from the center of Ptuj.

When the dream became a reality, they started thinking about offering their customers a place where they could wait for the service provided, and so the idea of ​​the Majolka Bistro was born.

Through successful years of operations, the offer of catering services has risen to a higher level. From a small bistro, Motel Majolka was created, which offers guests a catering offer, a tourist agency, accommodation and transport …


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